Ceiling and Bubble Balloon Combo


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A brilliant way to fill a space. With bright beautiful tassels and a personalised message on your bubble you have all the ingredients for a great occasion.

Included we have a bubble which can be plain or patterned, personalisation included. Also included 10 latex balloons, 4 chrome or confetti and 6 plain\pearl with long glitzy tassel tails included.

Bubble pattern style

Clear, Gold Confetti Dots, Blue Confetti Dots, Pink Confetti Dots, Colourful Confetti Dots, Leaf Pattern, White Green Rose Print, Rainbow Clouds, Bees and Daisys, Baby Feet, Rose and Butterflies, Filigree Swirls, Graduation Caps, Hearts, Stars, Filigree Swirls and Hearts, Unicorn Face