A5 Daily Planner & Order Book (Pre-Order)


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A5 Daily Planner & Order Book – The duo to end all duos!!!

A5 Daily Planner Bundle – The duo contains, 1 Daily planner and 1 Order book (+1 free pen).

The Daily planner (available in pink only) is great for those who love to keep on top of EVERY SINGLE THING, hour by hour, from completing your order at 10am to picking your kids up at 3 you can note it all down.

The Order book, available in all three colours is a must have if you want to take the space back in your diary, giving you the ability to note down everything including your favourite brands , its going to completely revolutionise your order taking process. You could even keep one in the book and add one to your reserved balloons if you wanted.

Pre-order shipped within 14 days of purchase

Available for wholesale, just send an email over to Chanelle@airdorable.co.uk to discuss taking your stationary range to the next level!

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